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Important things to know about

Item Information/Warranties/Shipping... Stuff like that!

Firstly, thank you for considering a purchase from me.  I am a small business owner, and I do most everything myself, so not all things are done exactly like larger businesses who sell online.   

Item Info:  Most items are one of a kind, in other words, what you see, is what you get.  When I have multiple items that are very similar, I will note on the listing that i have more than one item of it's type.  When I do have multiple items of one type, I try to make them all the same, but since no two hand made items are alike, each will be a bit different, perhaps "similar" is the best term.  If you see in the listing that i have multiple of any item, and you absolutely must have photos of the exact item shipped, then please e-mail me and I can take photos for you of the exact item.  

Item Warranty:  If you do not like what you get, for any reason, please ship it back to me within 14 days of receipt and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price of the item.  I take very close up photos of an item, so unless the item varies significantly from the photo, or unless I have somehow materially misrepresented the item, you will not get a shipping refund.  

Durability Warranty:   Your bowls are high fired, dishwasher safe, and  are made to last a lifetime with minimal care.  That said, if you drop them, especially on a concrete, tile, granite surface, etc, you might break them.  That's just the way of all ceramic wear.  You can also crack them by knocking them against another item or they can be cracked by naughty dogs who sometimes like to pick them up and throw them down when they are empty (yes, this has happened)!.  Some cracks do not even appear visually when this happens, but you will know if you have a leaky bowl, that you have broken it.   If a bowl is cracked it likely "cannot" be fixed.  If you chip a bowl however, it can sometimes be reglazed and re fired.  If you get a chip and want me to fix it for you, you might e-mail me with a photo and I can let you know if I think it can be repaired.  Thankfully, bowls are rarely cracked or broken and I have had reports of my original bowls, made 15 years ago, still doing their job, each and every day.   

Shipping Info: I try to ship things out within a week of receiving your order.  I generally ship only once per week, so generally you will receive your items within 10 days.  If you do not receive your items within two weeks, be sure to contact me regarding your order.  Again, i am not a big business with a shipping department, so be patient as long as you can.

If you have a special order, Please understand that I can give you an estimate of when an item will be shipped, but cannot be exact as there are many pitfalls along the way to completing a beautiful project..  All special orders purchased under the same invoice will be shipped when the last item is finished, unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Breakage during shipping:  All items are insured for the full amount of your purchase through the postal carrier.  In the unlikely event that you should receive a damaged item, please save the packing materials and the damaged item. I follow all USPS and UPS packing guidelines, and I have only had one claim in 15 years, so you're pretty safe, but in the event a claim must be made for any reason, I understand that all postal carriers are stickers about proof of purchase, hanging onto the item, and packing materials for them to retrieve before any claim has been settled.

Special Orders and Special Requests:  I typically do not do them.  You can ask, but please do not be offended if I say no.  I love to hear about your new ideas, and often take a request to heart, but it takes a long time from conception to completion on a new item, and it makes me nervous to take too many requests, and then cannot or forget to follow through.

Donations:  I often give to the rescue of my choice, and encourage you to do the same. I also sometimes hold auctions on my facebook page, Spaniel Bowls by Cindy Koehring.  When I do this, the money generally goes to the 501c3 doggie charity of your choice.  

I no longer donate to clubs anymore as the requests are never ending and I truly do need to make a living.

Trophies:  I do make win trophies for clubs on occasion, and if enough are purchased, I do give a small discount for items ordered at the same time, and done in the same theme.  Please e-mail me regarding show trophies for your club and we can discuss.  Nothing last minute though..  It takes me a long time to make items, so a six month lead time is preferable.

More to come in the future :-)