This is Sandra's puppy,  Sirius.

How cute is he!!!

"I enjoy having cavaliers with dry ears and bowls that are beautiful looking! I especially like that it helps to keep the water cool during the summer heat!"


Photos and Feedback

Cindy Koehring,  Artist, Bowl Maker & owner of SpanielBowls.com

"Cindy, I really love this new snood.  I took some photos for you if you want them." -Alice

​Hi Miss Cindy,
I'm Little Remi & I love my spaniel bowls. My daddy took my picture because he thinks I'm cute & mommy said I would be famous one day. I just want to eat my food cuz it's yummy. Thank you for making such pretty bowls for me, Miss Cindy from Indy. Will you please put my cute mug on your website, please?

I'm just as cute as the other pooches, don't you think????
Thank you,
Little Remi

From Flo-Ride-A