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Image of Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer

This little guy is looking out the window at a beautiful landscape. He spies a mama bird feeding her youngster and is intently watching, curious about the whole event.

If you have all of the bowls you need, then perhaps you may like something decorative in your home that shows your love for your Cavalier. This 6 inch tile makes a special statement, and is a beautiful decorative piece for your home.

I have three beautiful colors to offer in this piece, celadon green, blue and purple.

Note: The plastic stand is included, but it is not expensive or strong. I recommend that you purchase a nice, stable stand, especially if you have this in a open area that others will be picking it up. Stands can be purchased in different designs and styles as is best for your home.

Image of Day Dreamer
Image of Day Dreamer