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Image of New,  Bowl & Base

New, Bowl & Base

Many people have asked me for raised bowls over the years, and I have genuinely tried to come up with solutions that will be effective & practical, and yet still beautiful. It has been difficult.
Most recently a lady wrote me and sent a photo of her bowl on top of a glass block. She had had to break off the feet of the bowl, to get it to comfortably sit atop the block. Gosh, I just just couldn't believe it..... Wow..... So then I really started thinking...... Why not just make a matching base for the bowl, and allow people to put their bowl on top the base..
Well they work beautifully as I have been testing them with my own dogs. I've designed the base as if it were a bow in reverse. The water bowl sits on top of the unglazed portion. Nothing slides or tips, as i have designed a lip to prevent movement.
If your dog needs a raised water bowl, this is an excellent solution to your problem.
The water bowl in this set holds about 3 cups, but i have not measured it yet.. I believe a one quart bowl is perfect for two cavaliers or cockers or one larger spaniel. That said, it will work for more dogs, simply by refilling during the day, or it can also be used for just one dog. The point is that the opening and the height will be just perfect for any cavalier or cocker spaniel, or any dog of this small to medium size.

Color: White w/Mint Green
Bottom: Water Bowl is flat bottomed and holds 3 cups
Base: about 2 1/4 inches high
Material: Highfire Stoneware

Image of New,  Bowl & Base
Image of New,  Bowl & Base
Image of New,  Bowl & Base