The What and Whys of Spaniel Bowls and Snoods…

Big Problem… Simple Solutions!

I shy to say I’m the worlds foremost authority on keeping dog ears dry.... But, surely I must be close!  For nearly 15 years I have been making and selling spaniel bowls and snoods. I’ve brought my own knowledge to the table, and listened to your feedback. 

Both Products help to combat moisture by keeping your dog’s ears clean and dry. They also help to keep your floors dry, and you dog from smelling like, well, “wet dog”.  Not only are dry ears are less likely to become breeding grounds for yeast, and other organisms that cause ear infections, they will also prevent food born illnesses that can be passed along to humans, such as salmonella.  Clean and dry ears Matt Less, Brush Out Easier and therefore stay More Beautiful!  

So, the simple solution to many ear issues are appropriate bowls and a great snood. 

As to my artwork and bowls, I have always thought that your dog’s bowl should be as nice as your dinnerware.  Perhaps nicer, as they are always “front and center” in your home.

Though the “spaniel bowl” is not a new invention (the design dates back to the early nineteen hundreds), I like to think that I’ve elevated it to a whole new level, mixing perfect function with great design and artistic beauty.

My Snoods are not a new invention either.  Snoods have been used by women since at least the early part of the 20th century (probably longer), and especially in the years of World War II, by women in military factories to keep their hair from getting into machines.   I'm not sure when they were first made for dogs, but surely the cloths pin clip might have been the prototype :-).

My snoods are designed for spaniels, and a few other breeds, to keep your dog’s ears covered while eating, walking outdoors on a rainy, messy day or chewing a particularly gooey treat.  Clean ears, again, are more manageable, and healthy.  Who wants matted messy ears if they can avoid it?  I have made snoods for more than 15 years and I feel confident that my designs and fabrics are the best available for your dog.  I use both premium quality quilters cottons and the best woven polyesters that I can find.