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Want to know about me?

​First and foremost, I love dogs.  From early childhood, my fondest and saddest memories revolve around dogs.  Like many of us, they are kindred spirits to me.  I cry every time I hear a sad story of someone losing their dog, and I also cry every time I see a wonderfully happy story about a dog.  I love puppies, and I love old dogs even better.

So, I guess it is not surprising, that in later years, I landed on this path to creating things that I think are so helpful to dogs, and incredibly gratifying work for me.  When I was in my late 20ties, (that was the late 70ties), I lived in San Diego, along with my husband of now over 40 years, and our cocker spaniels, Chelsea & Midnight.  I worked outside the home, but also seemed to have time for hobbies.  It was at that time that I started in hobby ceramics a low-fire ware, created from casting slip and molds.  I was extremely prolific, so of course, as is my nature, started my first business in ceramics called "Stocking Stuffers".  It was strictly Christmas Ware.  I sold very well, as I always paid attention to detail in my work…. At some point, I moved on to other crafts.  I kept my kiln however, and. in the mid-1980's I was back in school, and also working for a stained glass company.  I taught a few classes in stained glass making, sold the glass, and also fired glass decals on beveled glass discs that became light catchers.  At that time I also took an art class at school.   I made one hand thrown mug, and one hand thrown and extruded wine glass.  I did this all on a kick wheel (that's how old I am :-). 

Fast forward many years to the late nineties when I got into cavaliers.  I really didn’t realize, at first, that I needed one of these bowls (another gal made them at the time). 

By the time I realized I needed one, the gal that made them, had retired.  So, I got it in my head that I might do this myself.  Coincidentally, I had wanted to buy a show dog and felt that if I sold 400 of these bowls, I could afford this dog.  And that was how began, with a goal, and an idea of how to reach that goal.

Suffice to say, that idea, and inspired passion has led me to many years of joy.  More joy than I could have ever imagined at the time.

I love that I get to work at home, with my dogs near me.

I love that I get to talk to so many dog owners, sharing in their joys and even their sorrows.

I love that I make products that I truly believe help our dogs’ live better lives.

I love that I am an American Girl, who has created American business with an American product that has been successful.

I love that I continue to learn and grow in my work and yet, still remain singly focused on the dogs. And mostly, I love that I continue to love what I am doing, even as I grow older. 

Who knew Custom Dog Bowls would be my calling :-).