A Mother's Love
  • A Mother's Love

    People really seemed to like this particular bowl when i had it for sale last week, so, I am offering a limited listing for 12 pre-orters to be shipped no later than Dec 12. 2022.  This offering will expire with 12 orders, or no later than Oct 10, which ever comes first

     I love it and that's about all I can say about this bowl.  Nothing can beat a mother's love.

    Part of my heirloom collection, this bowl holds a minimum of 4 cups of water.

    Color: Flotated Green 

    Bottom :  footed

    Volume: 4 cups (or slightly more)

    Suitable for : 2 to 5  dogs, depending on how many times you are willing to refill in a day.

    All bowls will be in the pictured color.  If you desire a different color bowl, you may write it in the message box, but it would depend on the availability of the color, and may be a slightly longer wait time.  However, I will do my best for you.  

    Please look at all photographs before ordering, and also i will put a video up on my home page to view.    Also, remember that no bowl will be exactly like this one.  I make each and every one individually, so nothing can be the same, only similar.  You will receive a photo for approval prior to shipping. All bowls will be insurred for the full value and since the delivery date will getting close to the holidays, it will require a signature receipt.  This protects both of us!