• Amber & Jade for One or Two

    This is a gorgeous set! The amber base coat is very neurtal and will blend or contrast well with any floor.  The Jade topping adds a touch of elegance with amazing design created by the glaze combination.  The footed water holds three cups of water.  This is a great size for either one or two medium sized spaniels.  Cavaliers and Cockers are the perfect size and breed for most of my bowls.  If you have two dogs, two food bowls are great!  One dog?  Use one while the other is in the dishwasher. 

    One of the nice things about a footed water bowl is that there is generally no need for a mat.  Condensation does not occur as the  bottom of the bowl does not come in direct contact with the floor.  

    Volume: Water 3 cups - Food 1+ cup  

    Bottom: Footed water, flat foods

    Material:  English Porcelain

    Color: As photographed.  

    Please remember I am still in the middle of unpacking and setting up my shop, so even though this set is finished, it might be awhile before i can find where the movers put.  Shipping will be delayed a bit.