• Awesome Belly Band in Animal Print

    "Awesome" might sound like a strong word as it relates to a belly band, but if you have a boy who lifts his leg at all the wrong times, and in all the wrong places perhaps an "awesome" belly band is just what you need.  This belly band is a little different than some others.  I have waterproof fabrice on both top and bottom.  I'm experimenting with what I like and don't see a whole lot of difference if any, but thought to mention this.  

    I make my belly bands, as I do my snoods and bowls, to the very best of my ability, and using the best quality materials.  My bands are not too thick as to cause a dog to be uncomfortable, nor do they rub the skin causeing chaffing.  Yes, you will still use a pad in the belly band, to collect the urine, but my bands are just the right width to hold a pad in place properly and comfortably.  

    The exterior of my belly bands are made from a waterproof fabric, and the interior layer of this particular snood is also made of waterproof material. Try not to let the pad get that soaked as too much as an abundance of urine can certainly can irritate your dog's skin.



    If your boy's waist measurement is between 14-16", you will need a


    If your boy's waist measurement is between 16-18", you will need a medium.

    If you boy's waist measurement is 18-20", you will need a large.


    There is some flexibility in sizing, and that is a good thing.  I use three inches of the hook and one inch loop, so you have quite a bit of space to work with for the proper fit.  Not too tight or too loose, but snug enough to stay in place.



    So that's it....

    For a long time I've made belly bands only for my own boys, resisting the thought of adding one more thing to my plate,  but I really do make a very fine belly band. Dogs are indeed my business, and pretty much everything that relates to keeping them clean, and the things around them clean are a part of that business. So, if you have the need please consider buying mine.