Pastel Blue & White
  • Pastel Blue & White

    This is a very pretty pastel  blue ombre fading to white.  It's the perfect size for the lifetime of your Cavlaier, Cocker (or any small-medium sized dog.  This particular set is mearly an example of the set you will receive and not the exact one. Colors will vary slightly as each is individually made..

    Each One Dog Set includes 1 water bowl and one food bowl

    Size for one dog:   Water 2  cups,  food -1 cup. 

    Bottom:  Footed water, flat food

    ** = Notables

    **There are a number of variables that may affect the amount of water a dog drinks, but generally, if you have one dog, either cavalier or cocker (or a similar sized dog), 2 cups of water will likely last all or most of the day..

    **My food bowls hold a comfortable cup of food.  That would cover nearly all cavaliers, cockers  and most dogs of this small to medium size.

    ** Clay in the making of this set can be either solid white or a spcekled clay.  If you have a specific request, please leave a note in the order.  Both are quite nice and I generally use what I have  instock at the time of making. Specific requests may take a slight bit longer.

    ATTENTION:  Pre-orders can take up to 8 wks to complete so be prepared for the wait time.  Though I would love to get them finished earlier, a series of bowl simply takes close to a month to complete from start to finish. The time involves throwing, trimming, placing feet if offered, drying, first fire, applying glaze, second firing, sanding bottoms and more. It is not a simple process, and "I do my best to do my best", meaning I take enough time to do a good job on each set I make. Thanks, Cindy