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Relief set for two
  • Relief set for two

    This heirloom set can be used for one or two dogs.  Though two might be the ideal number,  you "could" use it for one dog with an extra food bowl handy in the event one is dirty.   Your choice :-).

     The Rutile Blue color is one of my very favorites and will go with almost any kitchen decor including. blues, browns, greens, grey's etc.  This color really doesn't fight with any other, so perfect all around!  

    ****** Please note that None of the three bowls are a perect match to each other perfectly in color.  They are the same color, but depending on the number of coats (this glaze takes four or five costs), and the placement in the kiln, they don't always match perfectly. ******



    Water : 1 quart

    Foods :  one cup plus each

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