Food bowl Only
  • Food bowl Only

    The above photos are "examples" of what your bowl will look like.    It has a base color of white, and the top rim will be of your chosen color family.   Pleae note in the sample photos that the colors will vary in depth of color and application.  


    Food Bowls have a flat bottom and hold a comfortable cup each.  They are sized for small to medium sized dogs who do not eat more than a cup of food at any given meal.  It has been my experience that most dogs eat much less than this at a single meal, but i like to give a little slosh room in the bowl.


    Estimated wait time for this bowl will be up to 8 wks.  Though I would love to get them finished earlier, a series of bowl simply takes close to a month to complete from start to finish.  The time involves throwing, trimming, placing feet if offered, drying, first fire, applying glaze, second firing, sanding bottoms and more.  It is not a simple process, and "I do my best to do my best", meaning I take enough time to do a good job on each bowl I make.

    If you are buying a water bowl, food base clay will be the same as the waters.

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