At the lake....

At the lake....

Time is precious, but it wouldn't be nearly as dear to me without my dogs by my side.  I enjoyed making this wall clock with it's inspriation of nature and the lake, and of course, the dogs!  I don't make too many water scenes, but totally enjoyed this one and check out the puppy on the lily pad!    

Color: Celadon Green

Size: Diameter  (not measueed yet but about 10.5 inches across)


This piece can live almost anywhere in your home.  Place it by itself on a wall, or inbetween your most memorable paintings or photographs of your dogs.  I always love functional pieces, and this is one that can be used for your lifetime and much longer.  


This clock is the newest addition to my heairloom collection. At slightly more than 10.5 inches in diameter, and 1.5 inches from the wall at the furthest point from the wall.  Please note that I have added a satin black ceramic ring on the back to hide the clock movement from sight. 

All of the photos look pretty much the same, but I've taken the photos with different light settings to give you the best possible understanding of this beautiful celadon green color.