Elegance Maxed
  • Elegance Maxed

    ***** Available to order. *****

    *****  Three week lead time needed before shipping. ***** 


    If you love a nice black and gold classic, then this is the one for you.  It is stunning!  On the right side I have laid the fabric flat, but toward the middle it is gathered, so you can get a good idea of how it may drape.  My personal feeling is that this fabric actually looks prettier in person than the photo shows.

    Always wash and dry delicate for longest wear.  Chiffon dries pretty fast so you can even hang to dry.  

    *** Please note.  I have changed options to medium only, at this time, primarily because that's the most common size for Cavaliers and Cockers.  However, if you feel you need a small just write me a clear note when you order.  If you need a large, write me ahead of ordering to make sure I have sufficient fabric to make you one.  Thanks and we'll see how this goes :-).  Cindy