Harmony Kingdom Boxes
  • Harmony Kingdom Boxes

    Time to downsize, and let go of things long-treasured.  I have the most adorable dog collection of 14 Harmony Kingdom boxes.  Each opens to reveal  a little schulpture in the bottom of each box (save one) which are pretty adorable and clever in themselves.  There is enough room in each box to add a trinket or two.  Money?  A ring?  How about a small piece of paper with a promise of a new little dog in the future?

     If you are familiar with Harmony Kingdom, they are little collectable resin boxes, some made in England and some elseware.  These are all older, rangeing from the late 90's to early 2000's. The price is quite fair at $20 each (pretty much lower than any place you could buy them, including the Disney dogs which alone runs $80 to $100 these days).

    What great little gifts they would make for you, a friend, a child, show prizes even a Christmas treat!

    All of them are in good shape and though they will not come in their original boxes,  I could provide paw print bags, if you like.  

    I have put a weight of 25 lbs on shipping, so it will be automatically calculated.  Rest assured, if shipping is less, I will refund any excess.