• Harvest Bowl!

    It's still summer, but fall is just days away.  It's pumpkin time again for me :-).  This bowl is a beautiful teal green over a pumpkin color glaze  on speckled stoneware.  After throwing the bowl I wait a few minutes and then make the gores. Later I finish by trimming and cleaning the bowl. I fire all bowls to a bisque hard state.  This process removes impurities and allows the bowl to be in a more workable state.  I have then glazed this entire bowl in a base glaze of pumpkin, and have followed it with spraying a beautiful teal green.


    Material: Stoneware

    Color: Pumpkin/Green

    Bottom: Flat  (Flat Bottom bowls are just fine for anyone who uses a mat.  They are not so great if you have hardwood floors, where wather can pool under the bowl.

    Volume: about 4 cups  (great for one or two Cavaliers or Cockers)