Leafy Greens....A set for one
  • Leafy Greens....A set for one

    This is a stunning set, in my opinion.  It is some of my very best workmanship and design. The carved leaves are whimsical, and perfectly placed.   The bowl is glazed in a medium green on the inside, top and bottom, with just enough of the raw clay showing for dimension and texture.  I have painted each leaf in a complementary deep leaf color, followed by a clear glazing over the leaves.  I've used a black shiny glaze to fill the carved lines and leaves for dimension, and a great pop of color.  The food bowls are made to coordinate. 


    This is the perfect lifetime set for any (2) cockers, cavaliers, or any dogs of this medium size.

    ****** Please Note that one of the food bowls has a small exterior stress crack on the outside bottom. ******  This does not affect the usage of the bowl as it goes only partially through.  The stress crack will be filled before shipping to keep water and debris from filling it, and you may or may not notice it when finished.  Becasue this is such an expensive set, I am "not" charging for the food bowl, just including it as the intended use for the set.   E-mail if you have further questions on that :-)


    Volume:  Water  almost 5 cups Food 1 cup each

    Bottom: footed water, flat food

    Material: Speckled Stoneware

    Color: As photographed and described