Paisley Swirl

Paisley Swirl

This  is a lovely design.  Very chic I would say :-).  It is a blue over white/cream in color and a medium weight chiffon (which is still very light weight).

I have partially gathered the fabric together so you can see how it will look near the bow tie areas. 

Always wash and dry delicate for longest wear.  Chiffon dries pretty fast so you can even hang to dry.  



  • About Sizing

    All of my Small, Medium and Large sized snoods are now made in my Double Bow-Tie Styling.  This is original to me, and I truly believe that this fit is the best for all of our small to medium sized dogs.


    i still make an extra small snood in a Single Bow Tie variety, but these are for the tiny breeds where I use much less fabric.