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Rain Storm
  • Rain Storm

    These carvings look a bit like rain drops to me :-).  Very interesting for this carved, footed bowl, featuring a greyinsh lavender glaze base, followed by several layers of blue/purple  tones for around the top and bottom exterior for contrast..  This size bowl will perfectly serve one cavalier or cocker or any similar sized dog for their lifetime.   Sometime people like this size for two dogs, which is fine. You will just need to fill a bit more often.  

    Volume: about 2.5 cups

    Bottom:  Footed

    Color: As shown, Dark purple/blue edges and greyish lavender interior



    Fluting is a term that appaently is not well know.  I'm often asked what I mean by fluted bowls, or flutes.   Fluting is a form of archetectual decoraiton.  It refers to straight line groves carved along the surface of certain  art forms.  Fluting was used as early as 1750 BC by the Mycenaeans, most notably seen prominently in Greek Columns, and of course used frequently in archeture today.  Flutes play beautifully with light and are quite elegant when done well..  


    Footed bowls are alwas a plus.  They give the bowl a slight lift, which is helpful in picking up. Footed bowls get full glaze coverage over the bowl, and most importantly, they prevent any water that has sloshed out of the bowl from staying wet under the bowl, possibly doing harm to your floor.    




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