Sand Castles
  • Sand Castles

    Love water and summer and play dates?  Summer's here and it's time to play with your dogs where ever and when ever.  Enjoy the sun and sand, gaze at the water and why not build a sand castle!


    This bowl is part of my heirloom collection and holds a generous 5.5 cups.  There is no doube it will make a statement in your home, and your dogs will love it :-)


    Color: Vibrant Blue.  The photo is taken outside so the imge is crisp and clear and the colors are vibrant in the sunshie. They will appear slightly darker inside or under dimmer light conditions.

    Bottom :  footed

    Volume: A  5.5 cups

    Sutible for : 3/5 doggies. More if you are willing to fill often.