• 10 lb Kibble Holder, 6 cup water bowl, and 3 foods

    **** Please not shipping information at the bottom***  Some of you have seen my leaf design, but most have never seen this set.,  as I have never posted it as complete.  In fact, the only time the kibble holder has been for sale was at the Cavalier National two years ago.  It was very difficult to display as it sat on top of the sales table (most people knew not what it even was)..   Anyway, when I got it home, rather than post it, I just set it aside as it is too big for my photo box.  Then about 6 or 8 months ago, i just started using it myself, and wow do i love it.  The idea that inspired it, is my constant thought to colsolidate my living conditions.  Yeah, I've watched all of the tiny house features, shows, etc and love them..   Anyway, now that I'm planning to move from "the big house", I could take it with me, but then again, I'm trying to make money, so I can make myself another.   

     If you already have one of my leaf bowl sets, I can break this up for you, but for now, I am going to sell a completed package (I also have my leaf set in smaller sizes, if you perhaps only have two dogs, etc.  We can work that out..

    Soooooooo, to make a long story shorter, here are the dimentions and details regarding the kibble holder and of the set included.

    Details.  Each leaf is carved (more than a hundred).  I painted each leaf with 4 coats of underglaze, then firing it for the first time. After the first firing,  I put black shiny glaze in the carvings and have covered the underglazed leaves with clear glaze.  I glazed the lid and base with dark green, and of course you can see the adorable paw prints.

    Kibble Holder:

    Holds 10 lbs of kibble

    Dimentions:  28" high with lid on, consists of three pieces:  1. the base, about 1.5-2" high and 12" wide..  The base is meant to keep the cylinder steady, and prevent you or your dog from knocking into it.  Also so you will not have to bend over quite so far to get to the last kibble in the ben.  

    Also, this had to be made in three pieces so the jar itself fit in the kiln!

    2.  The cylinder itself, 20" tall x 7.5 wide.  3.  The lid...which fits very nicely.  

    I have included a six cup spaniel Water bowl, in my leaf design, and three coordinating food bowls.  

    It is my opinion, that this kibble holder is perfect for 1-3 dogs.  They don't have to be cavaliers or cockers, but the food bowls are meant for that size dog.  If you have one dog, or three, the kibble holder is perfect. 


    I have posted this as a 20 lb weight catagory for shipping.  I'm not sure if that is correct, but we should be somewhere in the ball park.   If the shipping you pay is less than it actually cost, then be aware I will charge for the difference.  If it is less than the actual cost, then I will refund you the cost.   And on that note, if you live near the west coast the shipping cost is highest, and the east coast or center of the country, the shipping costs are less.