• Cavaliers Everywhere!

    This is a very detailed bowl with three distinctive vignettes including Cavaliers, butterflies, flowers and grasses and even flyiny ducks!  You really can't set this bowl in an direction without seeing something new.  

    Volume: 3.5 cups  (great for one or two dogs)

    Bottom: Footed

    Material: High Fired Stoneware

    Color: Dark Green, Natural, Black

    This piece is part of my "Heirloom Collection".  This is simply a name for pieces that I feel are quite special as they include reliefs that are exclusive of my work.  Each piece is  produced one at a time, with hours and hours of hand work.  Depending on the size and amount of detail, the hand work I do on each piece runs up to about 10 hours.  That is aside from the making of the piece including throwing, cleaning, firing, glazing, etc.  That can be another many hours of work.  

    For the lifetime dog lover, I think these pieces should represent the love of your dog and nature and I hope that you will enjoy them forever.