Two Dog Set
  • Two Dog Set

    The above photos are "examples" of the 1 dog set.  It has a base color of white, and the top rim will be of your chosen color family,

    *****I'm sorry, I do not have a photo of the two dog set in the offered colors, so don't want to confuse anyone.  The ones shown are the blue, and the lavender. .


    The two dog set includes 1 water bowl and 2 food bowls.  

    *** Please note that that the two dog set has a larger water bowl to accomodate two dogs.*****

    Size for two dogs:  3+ cup  bowl, 2 foods-1 cup each 

    Bottom:  Footed water, flat foods. All sizes are approximate.



    The average mediums size dog drinks around two cups of water a day, however, there are a number of variables that may affect the amount of water a dog drinks, so this is not an absolute for all dogs but a general assumption.   Refill waterbowls as nessary throughout the day.  

    My food bowls hold a comfortable cup of food.  That would cover nearly all dogs of this size as well. 


    Estimated wait time for this set will be 5 to 6 weeks.  Though I would love to get them finished earlier, a series of bowl simply takes close to a month to complete from start to finish.  The time involves throwing, trimming, placing feet if offered, drying, first fire, applying glaze, second firing, sanding bottoms and more.  It is not a simple process, and "I do my best to do my best", meaning I take enough time to do a good job on each set I make.

    Pre-order sales are limited to 20 sets in total.  

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