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Belly Band for boy dogs at

At some point in his life, you'll  likely wish you had a belly band on hand.   It might be early on, or it might be in old age, it might be midlife, but having something to protect furniture and carpets from urine is a nice thing to have around if you need it.

Here are just a few good reasons to have a belly band at the ready.

Have a young dog in training and don't want to worry between outings?  Get a belly band.

Got a dog who is just not trustworthy in the house and don't want to watch his every move?  Get a belly band.

Want to feel comfortable letting your dog roam at a friends house?  Get a belly band.

Want to let  your dog loose in a hotel room?  Get a belly band.

Have a rescue in training?  Get a belly band

Have an incontinent dog?   Get a belly band.

Have a stud dog.  For sure get a belly band!

Just remember, using a belly band is not a substitute for good training.  Have it available when needed but all dogs should be properly trained to go outside!

Proper Sizing Is Important!
If your boy's waist measurement is between 14-16",
you will need a small.
If your boy's waist measurement is between 16-18",
you will need a medium.
If you boy's waist measurement is 18-20",
you will needa large.
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