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SIZE MATTERS : Yes, all dogs can drink from my bowls, but getting the right bowl for your dog/s or the right size for your specific purpose, will certainly make life easier on you.  Get a bowl too small for everyday use and you'll be constantly filling it.  Get a bowl too big and you'll be wasting water, and having a bowl much larger than needed. The photo above shows a good example.  You can see the vast difference in the size of the bowls. The smaller bowl is a medium size, meant for one or two medium size spaniels, like Cavaliers or Cockers.    The extra large 10 cup bowl, will serve 5-6 Cavaliers or Cockers, or 2-3 Larger Spaniels, like a Springer Spaniel for example.  

I generally estimate or measure the amount of water and food each bowl will hold and how many dogs the bowl will serve.  I've been making these bowls for a very long time, and have multiple spaniels myself, so if I say this bowl will serve one or two dogs, that is pretty accurate, given there will be some variation on how much each dog will drink and eat.


So, before you buy, make sure you read the listing are buying the right size bowl for your dog or dogs. You're gonna be happier if you do :-).  Cindy

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