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You might need one!

 My food bowls do a pretty good job of keeping your dog’s ears out of the bowl, but if you feed raw food, mixed kibble with stews or even have a chewy bone that your dog enjoys periodically, you will need the extra protection of a snood to avoid ucky remanents of wet food and chewy treats stuck in the feathering of your dog’s ears.  

If you have been unaware of the benefits of using a snood, I have prepared a couple of videos to help you see how they work, and the obvious protection they give to the ears.

 (video’s here)

Fabrics:  I pride myself in using the best quality fabrics to make your snoods.   I have sort of a “thing” for lovely fabric, and I just can’t even bring myself to sew, if I do not love the fabric.  For snoods, I much prefer polyester chiffon to any other fabric.  They are light weight, and dogs seem to be unaware that they are wearing them.  In fact, if you have trained your dog right,  they will almost jump into them, awaiting the goodies that follow.  I also use polys that are slightly heavier, and more tightly woven, for dogs that tend to be hard on them.   

I do recommend that for longest wear, your snoods be either hand washed & air dried, or laundered on delicate settings in your washer and dryer.  

Rest assured I know what I’m doing in the snood department. I’ve been making them for 20 years now, so I’m pretty good at knowing what’s good and what’s not good in a snood.  A few years ago I settled on a bow-tie version of the snood.    I currently offer a unique style that captures the ears tidily, protecting them from ucky food and remanents of chewy treats.   

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