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The lovely ears of our spaniels need to be kept dry for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, for the health of our dogs.  Ear infections often top the list of reasons for vet visits. 

Save your dog pain, and yourself money by doing all you can to prevent moisture born ear infections.

​Secondly, it's just a good grooming habit to keep your dogs ears clean and dry. Who wants their dog to have ears filled with yuck... Not me!  In the last 18 years since starting my business,, I've been thanked many times for dogs not moping the floors with their wet ears.

Finally, there is beauty.  I see no reason for us not to have well made, appropriate sized, and good looking dog bowls in our homes.  Our dog's bowls are front and center at all times. Why not make them as nice as our own dinnerware?  

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