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Blue and White Gobbler
  • Blue and White Gobbler

    Does your dog eat so fast you worry they will choak, or aspirate?   I have had good success with the gobbler bowl.  It slows the dogs down by making it tougher to get the food.   People who feel these bowls really work are grateful for a bowl in the proper size for our smaller dogs.


    This bowl is made specifically for dogs the size of Cavaliers or Cockers who eat way too fast.  It slows them down so they do not get food caught in their throat from wadding of the food that sometimes can cause problems.   Be prepared for your dog to scoot this bowl around the room at first, wondering why they can't  quite get to  their food as usual.  Don't worry though, they will get to it, but more slowly.  

    color:  Soft Green

    Holds approximately 3/4 cup of dry food.  


    *****. I do not necessairly recommend this style bowl for wet food.  It might be too difficult to get at the food as wet food can stick to the bottom and sides.

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