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Crate/Travel/Nighttime/Puppy  Water Bowl
  • Crate/Travel/Nighttime/Puppy Water Bowl


    This is a very versitile bowl!  Why do I call this a crate/travel/nighttime/puppy bowl?  Well, it has a narrower opening and a very wide bottom.  It's nearly impossible to tip this bowl, get ears in this bowl, or have water sloshing out, even while driving.  At nighttime, you may want just a little water bowl in your bedroom to hold a little water when necessary.  

    I have yet to have anyone say that their dog cannot drink from this bowl.  i have tested these with my grown dogs and all of them can drink from it, even thought the top is narrow.  

    Is it a full time bowl?  Likely not.  I recommed a bowl that holds at least 2 cups  of water for one dog for daily use.     Yes, I supposed you could fill this frequently and use it full time, but that would not be my recommendation.  

    This bowl holds about 1-1.5 cups of water when filled to the bottom of the neck.

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