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Crazy Cool Browns!   large
  • Crazy Cool Browns! large

    This is a super cool kitchen bowl for multiple cavaliers or cockers sized dogs.

    This beautiuflly carved bowl holds nearly a half gallon of water.  Two to three of the larger spaniels would be happy with this bow as well.  The more you are willing to fill during the day, the more dogs it will serve.

    I'm in love with this glaze.  The color variation is demonstrated by the thinness or thickness of the application, so variation is the key.  


    Footed bowls are alwas a plus.  They give the bowl a slight lift, which is helpful in picking up. Footed bowls get full glaze coverage over the bowl, and most impostantly, they prevent any water that has sloshed out of the bowl from staying wet under the bowl, possibly doing harm to your floor.    If you have a lot of dogs, this one has got to be for you!



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