"Somthing New In Every View" :-).
  • "Somthing New In Every View" :-).

    "Somthing New In Every View" .  This bowl is really really nice, if i do say so myself :-).    If you look at all the design and dimension around the bowl I hope you might agree.  One of my heirloom collectin, ther are 6 scenes on this bowl, each unique and special.  My personal favorite is mom and puppy checking gaizing to the sky and the brid.

    Both you and your dogs will enjoy this bowl every day.


    Color: surf green satin. The photo is taken outside so the imge is crisp and clear and the colors are vibrant in the sunshie. They will appear slightly darker inside under dimmer light.

    Bottom :  footed. (I forgot to photograph it, but it is my special paw print feet.

    Volume: A comfortable 5 cups

    Sutible for : 3/5 doggies. More if you are willing to fill often.