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  • Puppafied

    Do you get Puppafied?  I bet you do.   As a child, and loving any animal with fur, I couldn't be pulled away from them.   Today, I'm really no different.  Any excusse to sit down and have a bunch of dogs sitting on, or beside me, is just aboout as good as it gets.

    Somehow I think you know all about that.


    Color: Soft green satin. 

    Bottom :  footed. 

    Volume: About 5 cups

    Sutible for : 2 / 4 dogs.  More if you are willing to fill often.


    This bowl is part of my heirloom collection.  I hope you will enjoy it for your dogs, and someday down the line  pass it along to a new generation who love being puppafied too :-)

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