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The King's Choice
  • The King's Choice

    The King's Choice  has always been a favorite design of mine.  The stylized spaniel is a perfect  addition to any doggie dining area with design unique to our dogs.    This particular bowl is dynamic and detailed, with a beautiful yellow glaze and fluted sides separated by three spaniel heads over the natural clay body.  Suitable for one or two Cavalier or Cocker sized spaniels.


    Volume:  2.5 + cups

    Bottom:  Footed

    Color: As shown, Yellow

    Suited  to serve one or two dogs.


    Footed bowls are alwas a plus.  They give the bowl a slight lift, which is helpful in picking up. Footed bowls get full glaze coverage over the bowl, and most importantly, they prevent any water that has sloshed out of the bowl from staying wet under the bowl, possibly doing harm to your floor.    




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